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      Tabitha seemed a little startled on hearing that her late mistress was in Falmouth, but she made no remark upon the fact.

      Before the coronation of Napoleon, the latter said to him, Make two large water-colour sketches of the procession with correct costumes, every one in their right place. I will send them to study your designs, which will be exhibited in the great [482] gallery of the Tuileries, so that there may be no confusion."Only thistell your husband the truthhowever painful, however humiliating the confession. That will be your best atonement. That is the sacrifice which will help to reconcile you with your God. You cannot hope for God's love and pardon hereafter, if you live and die as a hypocrite here. God's saints were some of them steeped in the darkness of guilt before they became the children of lightbut there was not one of them who shrank from the confession of his sins."

      And then, before he was aware, she had flung herself at his feet, and was kneeling there, with her head hanging down, her hands claspeda very Magdalen.

      She held out her hand with a curiously timid gesture to her husband, who clasped it tenderly, bending his lips to kiss the pale thin fingers. Oh, Death, pity and pardon are so interwoven with thine image that neither pride nor anger has any force against thy softening influence. She had been false. She had wronged him and dishonoured herself, cruelly, cruelly, most cruelly; but she had suffered and repented,[Pg 322] and she was passing away from him. Let the broken spirit pass in peace!



      And do you mean to say that you wont come to see me? she demanded.


      He watched her face curiously.