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      He had never entered her room before. Why had he come to-night? A sudden hope shot warmly through her heart, and the blood began to rise in her face; then it died away again, for as he came forward into the light of the softly shaded lamp, she saw his face and noted its haggard and stern expression. There was something in his dark eyes that she had never seen there beforea terrible sternness which added a vague terror to her surprise at his presence.

      There was a light in the hut, and at the sound of the approaching horse, Mother Melinda came to the door with her candle held above her head. As its rays fell upon Esmeralda she uttered a shriek and dropped the candle. The next instant Esmeralda was in her arms, and the two women were sobbing, laughing, and exclaiming as only women can.Yes, sir, said Trafford.

      "He doesn't show his face. He sends--"

      Oh, yes, said Esmeralda. Do you feel it cold? She saw that his fur collar had slipped down a little, and she pulled it up and arranged it round him more closely.

      He spoke half in jest, half in earnest.

      She closed the door, and stood looking at him, her face white, her lips tightly compressed.

      Trafford, sitting near her, listened and watched. She dazzled him, bewildered him, and bewitched him. He knew that the men were looking at him with friendly envy, and he said to himself: She is my wife, and I love her! He felt an almost irresistible impulse to rise from his place, take her in his arms, and carry her to some place where he could say to her, You are my wife; you belong to me; you shall not separate yourself from me any longer. Let the past go to the devil; I care not what may have happened, I care not whether you believe me or not, I tell you that I love you, and that you are mine, mine! Then he looked across the table at Norman, his face flushed and smiling, and he thought of the hideous hint that Ada had thrown out.


      Yes, he exclaimed. But I will tell you all about it, everything, when I have got you to a place of safety, when we have reached Three Star. Tell me what has happened to you. I only reached the camp just before you were carried away, just in time to join in the search for you.



      Such happenings, of course; but nothing that ever brought those things for which one, wakening in the night, lay and prayed while forced by the songster's rapture to "listen to the mocking-bird."