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      Here a loud clamor arose among the Cychreans. They understood that it was the Pelasgians intention to disarm them, and their wrath found vent in fierce invectives.

      [14] The Jesuits and fur-traders, on their way to the Upper Lakes, had followed the route of the Ottawa, or, more recently, that of Toronto and the Georgian Bay. Iroquois hostility had long closed the Niagara portage and Lake Erie against them.

      Paegnion was silent.

      On gaining the friendly decks, the fugitives counselled together. One and all, they sickened for the sight of France.

      "Ole mahs' love' wine, ole mis' love'--"

      Various traditions are extant among the modern remnant of the Iroquois concerning the war with the Eries. They agree in little beyond the fact of the existence and destruction of that people. Indeed, Indian traditions are very rarely of any value as historical evidence. One of these stories, told me some years ago by a very intelligent Iroquois of the Cayuga Nation, is a striking illustration of Iroquois ferocity. It represents, that, the night after the great battle, the forest was lighted up with more than a thousand fires, at each of which an Erie was burning alive. It differs from the historical accounts in making the Eries the aggressors.La Salle's name in full was Ren-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle. La Salle was the name of an estate near Rouen, belonging to the Caveliers. The wealthy French burghers often distinguished the various members of their families by designations borrowed from landed estates. Thus, Fran?ois Marie Arouet, son of an ex-notary, received the name of Voltaire, which he made famous.


      The face of Constance went into her hands, and face and hands to Anna's shoulder. Meditatively smiling, Flora slipped away to dress."Allowed!--and in those box-car'!--and with that snow--rain--gangrene--lockjaw--my God! And when 'twas already arrange' to bring him home!"


      Lyrcus drew his sword; but a throng of fugitives pressed between him and Periphashe saw the latters glittering helmet whirled around and swept away by the stream of men.