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      "That would have been much," absently replied the reader, turning a page.

      She understood.

      Look, look! The hills are moving!

      The girl blandly laughed: "You venerable ingrate!"

      Varley nodded.


      When Esmeralda went down they were all assembled in the drawing-roomshe had waited until she had heard the second bell, waited with a strange nervousness which she had not felt on her first visit to Belfayreand her entrance made a sensation. The shaded light fell upon her ivory-clear face and red-gold hair, and upon the superb dress and flashing jewels, so that she looked like a picture of Rossettis.


      Will you allow me to ask you a question or two, my lord?


      Yes, dark, said Bill, nodding. They could put up the old thing and clean it out, and ride off without a blessed soul knowin who did it."Now, by the eternal great God Almighty, Flora Valcour, if you dare to ask me that--" He turned to the grandmother, dropped to his knees, buried his face in her lap and sobbed.