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      "You just oughter hear him do the ornamental on a mule whacker. Why, Si, he's an artist at cussing. Hen Withers is. Sodom and Gomorrah would git jealous of him if he planted himself near 'em, he's that wicked."

      They Had Shot a Mule 163

      "My darling! Now I know you're mine!"

      He sweat and dipped, and dipped and sweat; burned his hands into blisters with the hot rice and hotter kettles, kicked over one of the largest kettles in one of his spasmodic rushes to save a portion of the food that was boiling over, and sent its white contents streaming over the ground. His misery came to a climax as he heard the quick step of his hungry comrades returning from drill.He looked more dubious. "Is your way of retreat still open?" he whispered.

      "That's what I thought ... But Keesing clearly understood that there was nothing in it for him, anyway. He didn't bring the man in."

      Delehanty commanded the window to be opened. The acetylene light was held outside. This was the crucial moment. Pen held her breath.


      "We'd have to fix on some spot beforehand so you would know where to find me."


      "Who are you, and where did you come from?" asked Si, starting the man up the road toward the post."Of course," said Pen. She was reminded of Blanche and Spike.


      She spent several hours searching the banks of the little stream that meandered through the woods to the east of the fields. That was where she had sent him to make his camp that night. She found the site of his camp, but no evidences that he had revisited it. There were plenty of tracks in the mud of the stream, for the searchers had passed and re-passed this way, but no voice answered her soft calls.