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      "Johnny, please ... Johnny ... come on, now. Come on. You'll be safe. You don't want to die....""I want a parson," he moaned, throwing himself about the bed, and his terrors seemed to grow upon him as the darkness grew.

      Chapter 12

      The tenantry were arranged in the following order:Her face was shrivelled and yellow, and the dark full eyes that now, as it were, stood forth from the sunken cheeks, looked with a strange brightness on the scene, and seemed well adapted to stamp the character of witch on so withered a form. And perhaps there were few of those entirely uninterested in the matter who now gazed upon her, who would not have sworn that she merited the stake.

      "Hehe wouldn't like it," she stammered after a pause."Pollute not thy hand with the blood of the base," said Edith, grasping her son's arm"Judgment is mine, saith the Lord!"

      "I'd like one if you could really do it to look natural."

      The water of Iron in the Sussex countrie,


      "Soles, plaice, and dabs,


      Marvor seemed to lose patience all at once. "Very well," he said. "But you will not tell the masters what I say?"


      Of course, one reason why David and Billy were so free was because of the growing prosperity of the farm, which no longer made it necessary to save and scrape. But on the other hand, it was a fact that the m?aster had learned summat by the others. He was resolved that, come what might, he would keep these boys. They should not leave him like their brothers; and since harshness had failed to keep those at home, he would now try a slacker rule. He was growing old, and he wanted to think that at his death Odiam would pass into loyal and loving hands, he wanted to think of its great traditions being carried on in all their glory. Sometimes he would have terrible dreams of Odiam being divided at his death, split up into allotments and small-holdings, scrapped into building plots. Such dreams made him look with hungry tenderness at the two little figures trotting hand in hand about the orchard and the barns."Naun."