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      I have nothing to add to this. I will only inform your curiosity that we passed the Elbe the day before yesterday; that to-morrow we march toward Leipsic, where I hope to be on the 31st, where I hope we shall have a battle, and whence you shall receive news of us as it occurs.

      "How did you know I was here?" was Bergan's first startled inquiry.

      While on this march he wrote from Madlitz, under date of August 16th, to Marquis DArgens, at Berlin:

      "If you want to speak to him so much, there is a way. You know the shorter path through the shrubbery to the entrance gate; we can intercept him."

      "Mr. Islay influential!" repeated Doctor Remy, contemptuously. "In what way, let me ask?"

      Directly at two he goes back to his room. Duhan is then ready; takes him upon maps and geography from two to three oclock, giving account of all the European kingdoms, their strength and weakness; the size, riches, and poverty of their towns. From three oclock till four Duhan shall treat of morality; from four till five shall write German letters with him, and see that he gets a good style. About five oclock Fritz shall wash his hands and go to the king; ride out, and divert himself in the air, and not in his room, and do what he likes if it is not against God.


      "Your second name, then."



      Bergan listened attentively and critically, as became his legal training. "I do not understand why the finding of the diamond was such conclusive evidence of guilt," said he, when the doctor paused.