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      "I don't mind parties, Norma, not ordinary parties. But that one didn't look like an ordinary party.""Hain't got your shoes on; can't find but one o' my own," snorted Gid in reply. "You helter-skelter little fly-up-the-crick, you never know where your own things are, and you lose everybody else's."

      She drew back from him with a shudder.

      The silence of the woods and the mountains as night drew on became more oppressive than the crashing sounds, the feverish movements, and the strained expectancy of the day had been.

      Reuben was lying on his face a few yards in front of the others. For some seconds nobody moved. Then Backfield slowly raised himself on his arms.

      They turned their eyes to the crest, and there saw Pete waving his hat to them.

      The daughter must be the girl who was talking to him now. She sat on a little stool by the fire, and had brought out some sewing.


      "I bequeath the farm of Starvecrow, with all lands, stock, and tools pertaining thereto, also the house and fixtures, together with seven thousand pounds to Henry Robert Crick of Lone Mills, Ontario, Canada, my dear son by Marion Crick.... My household furniture and fifty pounds free of legacy duty I bequeath to my niece, Rose Backfield, wife of Reuben Backfield of Odiam.""I shud like to beat you nowtalking of wot you know naun about."



      But the planet had natives on it already. The natives were called Alberts, and here is a picture of them. Aren't they funny-looking?"I dunno?un't seen un this mornun. Ahthur he be!"