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      "Well, it happened so soon afterwards it doesn't count."A titter was heard on the outside of the circle.

      This was awkward. It could not be evaded though. "It's your boat," said Pen, smiling.

      "Lots o' ways. There's no need o' your carryin' that paper back to the Lootenant. I might pick up several hundred feet and sneak away without your knowin' it. Say," as a bright idea struck him, "what's the use o' goin' back to the Lootenant at all? Neither of us belongs to his detail. He don't know us from a side o' sole-leather. What's the matter with drivin' the wagon right up to camp, and swipin' the whole business, horses, wagon and all?"


      The rebel Sergeant mentally tallied off each name as it was called. A flush of shame and anger mounted to his face as Si concluded.



      "What!" cried Pendleton. "Well! ... that lets me out then. No business for a gentleman, of course."Ignoring this, she resumed her questions. Gradually she drew him back into a lighter mood.