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      You say MissHowardthis young ladytraveled by your coach some time ago. Was she accompanied by a gentleman?

      The woman stood stolidly silent for a moment, and Esmeralda watched her with a fast-beating heart. Was she going to refuse, or going to give the alarm? It was a moment of suspense which seemed to spin into years, for she knew that if her attempt failed her life would pay the forfeit. Her eyes were fixed upon the womans face with an imploration in them more eloquent than any spoken prayer could have been; it was woman pleading to woman for help against their natural foeman.


      Yes, you are small, said Esmeralda. You are like a little girl. I believe I could carry you in my arms like a child.


      A few weeks later a cab drove up to Lady Wyndovers house in Grosvenor Square. Mr. Pinchook and Esmeralda alighted, that estimable gentleman looking considerably done up with his long journey, and inquired of a giant in plush for Lady Wyndover, and were conducted up the broad stairs to her ladyships boudoir. The footman opened the door, and a lady rose languidly from a satin couch. She was a slight, fair-haired woman of more than middle age, but in the light which came through the rose-colored curtains Esmeralda at first took her for a girl. For Lady Wyndovers hair was of flaxen hue, and dressed in girlish style; her complexion, as great a marvel from an artistic point of view as her wonderfully corseted figure, was a delicate mixture of milk and roses. She wore a satin tea-gown of the faintest blue, from beneath the skirt of which peeped the tiniest of white kid, high-heeled shoes. Her hands were thick with rings, which made the slim fingers seem preposterously small.She took the compliment as coolly as if he had remarked that it was a fine evening.


      He turned abruptly, and skirted the hill on his way to the gardens of the Villa Borghese, where he found shade and seclusion in the early afternoon. The carriages of fashionable Rome had not yet begun to drive in at the gate. The cypress avenues, the groves of immemorial ilex, the verdant lawns where the fountains leapt sunward, were peopled only by creatures of fable, fixed in marble, faun and dryad, hero and god. Martin Disney plunged into the shadow of one of those funereal avenues, andwhile the sun blazed in almost tropical splendour upon the open lawn in the far distancehe walked as it were in the deep of night, a night whose gloom harmonized with that darker night in his despairing heart.He passed his hand across his brow.


      If any of yer had got a spark of human kindness inside yer hides, youd offer a man a drink, he remarked in a voice of suggestive huskiness.